Academic Collaborations

My current academic collaborations include…

  • studying with Dr. Joanna Weidler-Lewis and Dr. Scott McDonald the production of relevant technology between and among university, school, and library constituencies (Penn State).
  • studying with Dr. Scott Werts geoscientist identity development among minority students using a field-based studies course (Winthrop University).
  • studying with Dr. Scott McDonald consensus and dissensus of future directions of learning progression research among learning progression researchers (Penn State).
  • reading with Dr. Maureen Flint in feminist epistemologies.
  • curriculum development with Dr. Ana Matkovic regarding integrating local light pollution analysis into introductory astronomy classrooms (Penn State).
  • studying with Britani Peterson, Jess Bozeman, and Michael Brohammer the outcomes of a climate change deliberation model when enacted in local communities (Pennsylvania Environmental Research Consortium).
  • studying with Dr. Kimberly Tanner the effect of scientific norms on science faculty identity and teaching practices.
  • writing with Josh Corlew about relational flourishing in education. You can read our conference paper for the 2018 Southeastern Philosophy of Education Scoiety (SEPES) conference here: wooten-corlew-sepes-2019