Planetarium Presenting

Who doesn’t love leaning back into a cushioned seat and gazing up at the night sky in a temperature-controlled facility? Never mind those bugs neither!

Planetaria are those special dome-like theaters where, in present day, one can learn through visual immersion about more topics then astronomy! Since 2004, I have enjoyed introducing the general public to the stars across the world, including at the…

  • Stardome observatory in Auckland, New Zealand (2004, mechanical projector)
  • Albert Einstein planetarium in the National Air & Space Museum (2006, mechanical projector)
  • Charles F. Hagar planetarium at San Francisco State University (2006 – 2010, mechanical projector)
  • University of Alaska Anchorage Planetarium (2010 – 2013, digital projection)
  • Star Lab, Penn State Center for Science Outreach Exploration-U events (January 2019 - present, mechanical projection)
  • Penn State Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics Planetarium (March 2019 - present, mechanical projection)