Photo Art. During my doctoral degree, I took a course in digital arts (Spring 2017) with the illustrious Jane Cassidy. One of the assignments was to create two tarot cards that could compliment one another. At the time, I was contemplating Deleuze & Guattari’s concepts of differentiation and flow. In particular, differentiation manifests in those research practices that produce a proliferation of forms (e.g., categories or themes) and figures (e.g., identities). When research practices produce flow, they instead produce sensing about communal connections and possibilities — becomings. In one of my qualitative courses, Aaron Kuntz spoke to this point when he discussed that we were all breathing the same air, in a sense breathing each other. His directing our attunement toward this material process was part of a course inquiry regarding sense-making about spaces and places of education. I decided to make my tarot cards speak in their own modalities the meanings of these concepts to me. I would like to thank three of my dearest friends, Clara, David, and Marsha for volunteering their photos for this project.